Snow Birds Ready to Fly South

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NUANGOLA -- It's the time of the year for snow birds to head south ahead of the winter. A road trip there from our area can easily amount to several hundred miles and take several days.

Travelers we spoke to say if you want to escape our area's winter months and make the drive south, you don't need to pack a lot of heavy clothes, but they say you need to pack your patience.

There's no rush to get down south just yet. Travelers still have time to get away from the upcoming snowy, colder months ahead of us.

"No clouds, no miserable weather, sun! You don't have the dreary day," said Don Lane of Buffalo, New York.

Lane has been making the drive to sunny Florida in his RV for more than a decade.

"The property's too expensive, you're in the millions in Key West. This way, I can afford to stay down there cheap."

His RV has a full kitchen, three TVs, and plenty of room to relax.

"It's three slides so it's like a house! It's wonderful."

Annette Iwach from Tunkhannock rolls along in her pickup truck down to Texas every year, always sure to bring her dog for the journey. She makes the 1,500-mile trip to see family, but for her, half the fun of being a snow bird is the trip itself.

"I sing and I look at things and meet people. I love stopping at rest stops and saying hi to people."

These snowbirds say if you want to fly with them, they recommend you spread the trip out over a few days and really take in America.

"Stop, spend, a night, let the dog out and just relax," advised Missy Elder of Vermont.

An area travel agency says the top destination for people from Luzerne County to fly to escape winter is Cancun, Mexico.

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