Students in Scranton, and the Nation, Cast Ballots in Massive Mock Election

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SCRANTON -- Even though they aren’t old enough, third graders at Frances Willard Elementary in Scranton got an idea of what it's like to vote.

They took part in a nationwide mock election on Tuesday.

In an effort to get school kids involved in the voting process, the "Every Kid Votes" mock election was launched the Tuesday before the election.

"Every Kid Votes" is billed as the nation's largest presidential election involving students, and includes schools from every state. More than 3 million kids were registered to vote.

Each cast a ballot in class and then watched online as other students in all 50 states voted, too.

The polls closed at 3 p.m. Tuesday, but the students in Scranton will not learn who won until Wednesday.

To see the up-to-date national results from the "Every Kid Votes" election, click here.


  • Sturmabteilung (WNEP are hitler's new brown shirts spreading false propaganda)

    Sonderkommando. The definition sounds alot like our modern mainstream news station employees. Sell out your own for a pat on the head. “Good puppy” “Who wants a treat?” “Go play in traffic” “Splat”. Effin idjuts

  • goose

    The new Project Veritas Action video just got uploaded. It paints a different light on things, so thank you to the commentors that pointed me in that direction. America might be what it once was if citizens keep standing up to those that try to suppress us. Too many crimes committed against normal average people long enough will result in a revolt. Especially in these United States. Let’s get our country united once again. Not to quarrel with words, but to save all of our natural born freedoms with action that informs without circumventing the rights of those that we do not agree with. Let freedom reign.

    • tomtom

      they claim one coat coverage. but only if you put a primer coat first.
      what a ripoff. somebody should say something.

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