Church Vandalized with Racist, Obscene Symbols

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MIDDLE SMITHFIELD TOWNSHIP -- A church in Monroe County was hit by vandals who left obscene messages on the house of worship just before services Sunday morning.

The graffiti spray painted on the side of the church near East Stroudsburg showed sexually explicit, political, and anti-Semitic symbols.

Church members and people throughout the community spent most of the morning trying to remove that offensive mess.

Sunday is a day for fellowship and worship at Wooddale United Methodist Church. That was interrupted after members discovered their church had been vandalized.

“I was awoken this morning by a phone call from a Good Samaritan that said, ‘You need to come to your church. There is graffiti all over it.’ So we were shocked,” said Carol Hudson of East Stroudsburg.

Jeffery Helm drove by and noticed the graffiti that included a swastika and vulgar messages, even an offensive depiction of a Donald Trump supporter. Shocked, he grabbed his paint supplies and tried to cover the graffiti before the first service began, but it was too much.

“I mean, I stopped in my tracks when I seen it,” said Helm of Wooddale.

Church officials say this type of thing happened eight years ago. The suspect was never caught.

The congregation went ahead with worship services then, and this time was no different.

“We are not going to let it stop us from having our service worshiping God. Don't let others affect what you need to do, what you want to do, just keep moving forward,” said John Cramer, chairman of trustees.

Members painted over the graffiti, but the whole church needs to be repainted.

“Hopefully we can find whoever did it. We can put them on the right path than the one they are on because the one they are on, they are going to end up in jail and that ain’t no fun,” said Helm.

Anyone with more information on the vandalism and who might be behind it is asked to contact state police in Monroe County.


  • john williams

    The left always screams for tolerance, but they dont want to tolerate anyone who disagrees with them. God is watching, he knows who the vandals are.

  • Real people

    If you fishing here you don’t need any bait here just throw the hook in and catch the freeloaders so EASY!!!


    Puts on detective hat: Since the vandalism was in proper American English, we can exclude the illegals since all they write in is those spanish hieroglyphics that they use for devil worshiping. We can also exclude the BLM goons since they have corrupted and twisted a perfectly good language into the ebonics abomination. So this leave us with only one suspect left. The lib-tards; I have a policeman’s hunch that the culprit was a millennial moron who thinks themselves as a “freedom fighter” in sicko lyin hillary’s personal army. What they fail to realize along with the rest of the lib-tards is that they are a menace to society. dragging our communities down the gutter with their liberal agendas.

    • Bevy G

      So if we are going by language, we can all assume that you are an ignorant jerk. It must take a lot out of you to have such disdain for everyone. And no doubt LIBERALS are not anti semetic. That would be Trump supporters, of which I have doubt you are one. What a sad pathetic life you must live to be making up names and afraid of anyone not white and hateful like yourself. Grow up guy.

    • tomtom

      Hey Einstein…Shelly Hatch was on Charlie’s Angels…Shelly Long was on Cheers…Neither were married to Howie Long. Where do you get your info? Or do you just make it up on the fly?

  • Real people

    And again WNEP you put this story on but something as big as water gate gets no coverage you could have at least mentioned the new search warrent for the emails on Anthony Weinners laptop Huma Abedin and Hillary Clinton update PLEASE DON’T BE SO OBVIOUS AND BIASED MEDIA TY !

  • ???

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    • ???

      For all the thumbs down, tRUMP has Never brought one of his factories back to America!! He will,financially, have no choice but to cut the free loaders. Wake up you fools. Clinton or tRump, you are screwed.

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