Creek Flooding in Bradford County

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MONROE TOWNSHIP -- Folks in Bradford County are concerned that this Friday's rains will bring even more flooding.

Earlier in the day, water washed through an airport and a number of neighborhoods in the Towanda area.

The flood made a mess in neighborhoods along Towanda Creek in Bradford County.

The worst damage could be found along Route 414 in the village of Powell, where two creeks come together.

Crews cleared debris that washed onto the highway and fixed banks damaged by the deluge.

One man is in the midst of building an addition on his home, and runoff spilled into his work site causing a collapse.

"At first, I wasn't too worried, I wasn't expecting a whole lot of rain," said Brady Finogle. "I knew it was going to rain, just not this much."

At its peak, the floodwater covered part of the airport in Towanda. Management realized it was time to move some planes.

Heather Blokzyl explains even with help from volunteers, the job took hours, and there are tricky details to deal with.

"Making sure there is nothing in the way, making sure there are tires on them, wings on them," she explained.

With more rain on the way, planes are staying put until skies are clear.

Schools dismissed students early, trying to stay ahead of the weather.

But at Jim Van Ness's home in Monroeton, the damage is done.  Nearly four feet of water left his basement covered in mud and ruined his furnace.

People told us this is the worst they've seen since 2011.

"I didn't think it would be that much until I looked out the window and I said, 'oh, boy!'"

Jim faults that disaster with damaging the levy on Towanda Creek which could have protected his home this time.


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