Presidential Artwork: Trick or Treat?

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TOWANDA -- Every year right before Halloween, students from the Towanda Area School District help decorate the downtown by painting several storefronts, but this year's theme -- A Presidential Halloween -- didn't sit well with some community members.

This project has been going on since the 1960s and the Towanda Area School District says it has never had complaints from the community before.

Ever year, students between 7th and 12th grades are given the freedom to be creative, but with this year's presidential theme, the students' creativity has become a bit too controversial for some folks.

Take a stroll down Main Street in Towanda and you might find our Republican presidential candidate with his pants down.

Every year students in the Towanda Area School District paint dozens of storefronts to give the downtown a festive face for Halloween. But this year, not everyone found the humor in some of the murals.

Brent Lindsey's daughter painted a picture of Donald Trump.

"She was worried," said Lindsey. "She said to us last Friday she might get called down to the office Monday or Tuesday because store owners have come out because some of these have to be altered."

"Due to the controversial election, a few business owners asked for alterations to the paintings and the students at Towanda Area School District graciously made those changes," said Superintendent Amy Martell in a statement.

One of the paintings that had to be changed featured Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.

"Well, the kids went with the motif of the headless horseman and they took Hillary's head off and laid it on the ground and the sign used to say 'Vote for Trump, because Hillary doesn't have a head on her shoulders,' so they made the kids come down and redo it," Lindsey explained.

"Somebody needs to be held accountable for this theme that everyone seems to take offense from," said Bonnie Russell, Towanda.

"They were told to come down here and paint something; their idea was taken away from them and that's not right, " said another Towanda resident.

Towanda Area School District officials say there are no plans to stop this annual tradition.


  • foul

    Being asked about “Project Veritas Action” just made HRC kick the reporters off her plane. Looks like guilt to me. Might want to search it. It proves violence against women and police officers that the parent company of this company obviously supports, just like a lot of you “Crazy Trump Supporters” have said. Actual violence though, neighborhoods burned down and looted, people egged and spit on, personal property destroyed or stolen. RICO will hopefully be used to strip these miscreants of their ill gotten gains and redistribute to the actual tax payers that really paid for those lives of excess when those hard workers are struggling to survive.

  • Allen

    Talking about art work and presidential politics… Funny how WNEP was more than willing to have a big article a few weeks about the supposed “artistic” naked Trump statue in New York City but the other day when there was a naked Hillary statue near the same place it was deemed inappropriate by most mainstream media and ignored by Newswatch 16… Just noting the double standard and obvious bias here.

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