Police Searching for Rock Throwers in Sunbury

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

SUNBURY — Police in Northumberland County want to know who keeps throwing rocks off the Reagan Street underpass.

Investigators in Sunbury say they have identified several suspects, but they are still searching for others involved.

If you’ve been a victim of rock-throwing, call Sunbury police.


  • Katlynn

    My husband over hear these 2. Kids talking about rock throwing. But doesn’t want to assume but these 2 kids are kKoen for doing stupid things and damaging ppoles property.

  • clu789

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  • Yappy Pappy

    They need to find these jerks ! Those last rock throwers disabled a women for life, and the Husband committed suicide I think ??? It should be a 25 year minimum Jail Sentence for anyone caught even trying to throw a rock. Wow in my opinion those last rock throwers destroyed Sharon, her husband, her whole family

    Someone catch these jerks before this happens again !


    I think that we need to bring back the ancient and noble biblical practice of stoning people. It would be a great deterrent for the illegals and goons knowing that righteous citizens are at the ready to bury them up to their necks and then hurl large boulders at them until justice is served.


    I hope when the police find them they throw the creeps off the underpass bridge, right before a convoy of 22-wheelers goes under.

    • justiceserved

      Like they care, they care about as much as those hellions that nearly killed sharon budd and their family and friends will make excuses for them just like the ones did in the sharon budd case..oh they didn’t mean it, oh they were just bored, oh they have behavioral problems..no really? ya think?! Anyway they got who did it.

    • BE NICE

      These creeps couldn’t care less about anybody else’s pain and suffering. They actually find it exciting, and that’s why they do it. The only way they would ever learn about the pain of someone like Sharon is if it happened to themselves, because they are selfish, unfeeling and uncaring products of a VERY messed up society. And they themselves are nothing but a Big Fat Burden on society.

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