Do Voters Feel the Election Is Rigged?

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MONTROSE -- Donald Trump is claiming the election system is rigged, even at the polling booth. However, election officials tell Newswatch 16 they are confident in the integrity of the system.

When voters go to the polls in less than three weeks, their votes will end up deciding the outcome of what’s been a hostile race for president.

Recently, Trump has pushed a theory that somehow the election is fixed.

“I feel safe and people should feel safe about it,” said Diane Quattrocchi, Susquehanna County director of elections. “There really is no chance of going wrong with the election as far as rigging the election.”

Diane Quattrocchi is one of the many county election directors who've come out calling Trump's claim false, mainly because of all the checks and oversight in place in the system.

“It’s an important process we have. People get concerned about it. It’s unfortunate this kind of conversation goes on about rigging, it’s just not possible,” said Quattrocchi.

When voters get to the polling places in Susquehanna County, they have to sign their name in the polling book. Then they get their ballots and head inside. Once the voter fills out his or her ballot, it’s put in a box that’s sealed up tight until the end of the day when those votes are counted.

“I think it’s more or less like watching the Jerry Springer Show. I just don’t want to deal with any more of his accusations,” said Robyn Salsman of Dimock.

Some voters, however, are skeptical of the election system.

“I think big government can have ulterior motives at times, so I wouldn’t doubt that if things are rigged,” said Gretchen Backer of Montrose.

“If you listen to the news, you’ll hear that, Fox News especially. I don’t know. I don’t have any proof of it,” said Ken Bennett of Harford Township.

County officials say both parties plan to have two poll watchers at each polling place on November 8.


  • Suzzi Lane

    There are more than 4 million ineligible and dead people on the voter roll. Some deceased since 1944. Law suits have been filed to clean up this corruption and nothing gets done. Are we to consider this legitimate?

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