Truck Filled with Supplies Heads to North Carolina

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WILLIAMSPORT -- A man who used to live in North Carolina pulled all his friends together to do something big to help with Hurricane Matthew relief.

When Todd Bartley from Williamsport found out about the devastation in his former hometown of Kinston, North Carolina, he wanted to do something big. Then the wheels started to turn.

"We said OK, enough of the crying, we need to act. Made a couple phone calls, put something on social media, and it's turned into this," said Bartley.

Now an 18-wheeler parked behind Chef Hosch and Ann Catering in Williamsport will be on its way to North Carolina once it’s filled with supplies. It's all thanks to ESPN Radio Williamsport listeners, where Bartley has a radio show.

"A thousand pounds of clothes, shoes, toiletries, toilet paper, that kind of thing.”

Within 72 hours, the group was able to collect all of this, so with any luck, their hope is they will be able to collect enough to fill another truckload that will also go to North Carolina.

"You know it's great when somebody does something about it instead of saying, ‘Oh, you know what can I do? I can't really make a difference.’ It takes somebody to put news out there and people will act,” said Linda Scott of Williamsport.

Sometimes all it takes is help from a friend to get you back on your feet. That's why 9-year-old Marshall Edmonds was happy to donate some of his clothes.

"I didn't really care if they were ones that I liked or not because I could always get more and other people may not and those guys lost their house, so what's bad about giving away some good clothes," Edmonds said.

Marshall's dad owns Charles Edmonds Trucking in Jersey Shore. He donated the tractor trailer.

The man behind wheel, Scott Horton, says this is one trip that's worth the drive.

"My boss reached out to me and said he needed a driver, and I said, ‘Me, me, me! Pick me! It’s just an exciting thing to be a part of," said Horton.

The truck should arrive in Kinston, North Carolina by Wednesday morning.

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  • Henry the 1/8th

    I suppose it’s okay to be unprepared, despite a week of exaggerated, over-publicized tax-funded warnings across all media. Just kick back and do your thing. Because weeks later a truck will arrive to provide you with necessities, free of charge. A great lesson to teach the laziest generation.

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