Teacher Fondled Student at Teen Drinking Party, According to Court Papers

PLAINS TOWNSHIP -- Another Coughlin teacher has been charged after allegedly having relations with a student.

Brian Hampel, 46,  of Sweet Valley was charged Monday evening.

Hampel's facing a charge of corruption of minors, accused of having a sexual relationship with a student.

Hampel was a teacher at Coughlin High School in the Wilkes-Barre Area School District.

According to court papers, he bought alcohol for students and regularly attended student drinking parties where he was seen kissing and fondling a teenage girl.

Just last week, another Coughlin teacher was arrested and charged with attending student drinking parties and having a sexual relationship with a student.

Hampel is locked up tonight on $50,000 straight cash bail.

UPDATE: A judge dismissed the corruption of minors charge against Hampel.


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