Scranton’s Bancroft Elementary Closed For Cleaning After Troubling Air Quality Test

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SCRANTON -- George Bancroft Elementary in Scranton is closed for cleaning after air quality tests revealed an ‘elevated level’ of micro-particles.

Special cleaners have been called in and classes are canceled Monday for more testing.

"I don't know I just hope that no kids get infected with anything,” said Michael Ogelsby of Scranton who attended the school.

"I don't think that's good for the kids, they had the other thing with the mold in the other schools and that's just not good for kids,” said Adam Williams, whose son attended Bancroft Elementary.

Parents and students may be concerned with the news, but school officials said they caught the problem early.

They expect students and staff will be back to school Tuesday.

"The beauty of doing this proactively is we can catch everything very early and do whatever it is we need to do to get it done,” said Dr. Alexis Kirijan, superintendent of the Scranton School District.

Three weeks ago, testing revealed air quality issues at Robert Morris Elementary in Scranton.

Cleaners were called in and fixed the problem over a three-day weekend.

"I think it's a very good idea, I mean you have to have the children's health first," said Williams.

Scranton school officials said they have been doing routine air quality testing at all school buildings and they will continue doing so. Those school leaders also say they will be in contact with parents and students over the next three days about progress at Bancroft Elementary.