Mom’s No-Nonsense Note About Turning Up the Thermostat Goes Viral

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CLARKSTON, MI – A mother in Michigan who wanted to teach her children a valuable lesson about conserving energy never imagined her note would go viral.

Autumn Brandon is from Clarkston, Michigan. Michigan winters definitely get cold, and Brandon says it’s been chilly this week with temperatures dipping into the 30’s at night. But she just wasn’t ready for her family to turn on the heat.

She wanted to teach her kids the importance of conserving energy and emphasize that gas isn’t free, so on Monday, she posted a note on her thermostat that said:

Unless you answer YES to all of these… Do not turn on the heat!!!

Are you wearing a hoodie, pants, socks?

Is it November?

Do you pay the gas bill?

Brandon posted the photo to Facebook because she thought her friends would think it was funny. One of her friends shared the post, so she decided to make it public.

By the next time Brandon logged onto Facebook, 33,000 people had interacted with the post.

“Never in my wildest dreams did I think this would happen,” Brandon told FOX59.

Brandon has three kids, and she says they are totally unfazed by her recent popularity.

Photo courtesy of Autumn Brandon

Photo courtesy of Autumn Brandon

“It’s funny because when my sons found out the post went viral, they just said, ‘Mom, that’s just 33,000 people that now know how much you nag us,’” Autumn said.

Over 25,000 people have commented on the post, and not everyone have been kind. She said some people have been questioning her parenting skills, saying she shouldn’t have children if she can’t afford the gas bill.

But Brandon is taking it all in stride. She says her only regrets are not using better handwriting and double-checking her spelling before posting it.

“If I would have known this was going to go viral, I would have maybe typed it up or something and checked my spelling,” said Autumn, laughing.


  • E

    That is absolutely correct, don’t have kids if you can’t afford to care for them. It’s pathetic that stupid people think because their parents did a poor job providing for them growing up that that is proper parenting. I bet this woman chain smokes a pack a day yet complains about bills. Don’t breed then spout “what’s good enough for me is good enough for my kids”. Ha! When I moved out on my own the first winter I kept the heat in my home at a level to be comfortable while wearing shorts, that’s right shorts. “Oh no” an extra 50-60$ a month added to my heating bill so I could be comfortable 24/7. Think how many packs of “smokes” and cases of low quality beer I could have bought with that money. Noooooooo! Oh wait I don’t smoke or drink crappy beer, problem solved. Or I should say the problem never existed. I’m going to turn up the heat right now. Lol.

    • Eliza

      Yes your right; if we all think it’s ok to teach our children that life is all and only about what they want and that life is free. This seems to be a huge problem in society today. Most people don’t want theor children to grow up ignorant and erogant.

      • E

        Ha ha! No, people should teach their children to spend their money wisely and not waste it on unnecessary luxuries, like smoking or excessive drinking. Lol. Being an as*hole to your kids because you waste money on nonsense and can’t afford proper conditions is pathetic. Don’t try to disguise it as good parenting, you’re just trying to mask inadequicies. Food, clothing and shelter are the big three in life. Heat falls under shelter. Which comment got under your skin, the chain smoking or more likely the “whats good enough for me” comment. Also it’s a-r-r-o-g-a-n-t super genius. You mentioned mindlessness ha ha! I’m guessing you smoke about a pack and a half a day. BTW properly caring for your children doesn’t make them ignorant, it only helps provide a decent upbringing. Are you one of the “tough love” idiots I hear spouting nonsense. Mindlessness bwah ha ha!

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