Horse Rescue Opens Stable to the Community

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WOODWARD TOWNSHIP -- A horse rescue in Lycoming County is opening up its stable to the community for a fall festival this weekend.

Every Friday, Sharon Dunmore  wakes up bright and early to feed the horses at Appalachian Horse Help and Rescue in Woodward Township.

These horses are fighting over food because, at one point, they weren't sure when they'd get their next meal

Volunteers like Sharon care for a handful of horses and other large animals. Many of the animals have been neglected, others abandoned

"Sometimes when you see a horse come in with sores or extremely underweight, you think, how could somebody let this happen?" Dunmore said.

"Sometimes they are so skinny when they come in and they don't have feed or water for days, and sometimes weeks, and they try to eat the bark off the trees, try to eat leaves off the ground," said barn manager Pamela Koch.

The hope is that eventually horses like Luke will feel comfortable around people again. This Clydesdale now allows people to climb right under his belly. Luke and other horses here will eventually get new homes.

"We don't have facilities to keep them for life," said Koch. "We just don't have that."

This weekend, the horse rescue that's been open for over 20 years hopes to show off what they do have at their annual fall festival.

There will be free horse rides, food, and raffles.  It's also a chance to find new volunteers like Sharon.

"Makes me feel great, makes me feel like I've done something for an animal that couldn't help itself."

The open house runs from 11 a.m. until 3 p.m. Saturday.