First LGBTQ Rally in Bradford County

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TOWANDA -- Dozens came out for the first LGBTQ pride rally in Towanda outside the Bradford County Courthouse.

"I think this means a lot for this county because it's never been done before," said organizer Jay Cory, who runs the Benjamin Franklin craft store on Main Street. He was inspired to set up this rally after the shooting at a gay nightclub in Orlando last June, knowing that he would be facing some hurdles.

"We're a very rural county and sometimes it's hard for LGBTQ communities to be so accepted," Cory added.

"I think it's very important to bring people in the town and united as one," said Tom Sachs of Essential Healing & Wellness. "I think it's a very good positive cause for the town itself."

Even though dozens of people and several vendors came out to this first-time event in Bradford County, it wasn't all smooth sailing getting to this point.

" I put up 10 signs (advertising this event) because we didn't have much of a budget," Cory added. "And out of the 10 signs I put up, seven of them vanished."

Lainey Pierson is passing by with her two dogs and hopes that others will be more welcoming to events like this in the area in the future.

"I think it's important because this is a small rural community and there's a lot of people who are not really familiar with gay rights and this gives them an opportunity to learn something that they're just as wonderful as non-gay people," Pierson added.

Organizers hope to make this rally into an annual tradition.


  • stupid humans

    I can’t handle everybody’s comments on here, negative or positive. This is why I’m a fan of beastiality. No bitches, just keep the food bowl full and all is good.

  • very confused

    Maybe someone can help me out on my personal confusion. I’m a happily married man. But I do enjoy pleasuring a man and I expect the same in return. But at the same time I have no “gay” feelings for the other man. I only enjoy the fascination of another man’s package because that’s just me. I have never considered myself “gay,” ever. Can anyone please explain what I’m going through? Please? Thankyou.

  • Lindsay

    Wow! I am utterly shocked! I cannot believe the amount of ignorance in these comments. You people need to do some research or maybe move out of the hole that your in to a bigger area where you country F**** would be a minority. Or perhaps maybe your child or a loved one will be born gay. Then you MIGHT open your eyes and see it’s not a choice! You people must hate your lives so much that you need to ridicule others!! Again, this sickens me! We need more functions like this to help educate bigots like you!

    • in god i trust

      Nobody is “born gay.” It’s a choice. God gives you one choice and Lucifer gives you another choice. These freaks chose Lucifer’s offering. That’s probably a bad choice unless one looks forward to spending eternity in a Lake Of Hellfire.

      • Dmitri Jones

        Religion aside…sexuality in a person is the result of multiple factors: genetics, early childhood experiences, first sexual experience, most powerful sexual experience, etc.
        Claiming that you are “born gay” is an oversimplification. Claiming homosexuality is a “choice” is utter nonsense.
        Holding the world to your understanding of stone age religious morality in the modern age…that is a choice. Your choice, and yours alone.

    • Brittany

      Thank you Lindsay I have family affected by ignorant people like these on here If we are all made in “Gods Image” then what is god

    • AAORD11

      Ignorance? Give me a break. This has only been on the radar since Obama took office. If Hillary had been elected in 2008, she would not have even dealt with this issue. Obama continues to ram this agenda down everyone’s throats and I am just tired of it. Now children can have a sex change operations on demand? It is just ludicrous. I also still can’t believe how the Supreme Court issued a 4-3 ruling that changed the definition of marriage for thousands of years. Never ceases to amaze me.

      • Dmitri Jones

        That’s right, blame Obama. Just like how he shoved the Upstairs Lounge attack of 1976 down our throats via the media. Or the various pride parades in 1970 in New York, Chicago, LA.
        As for an agenda…I see people who want to be accepted for who they are. Granted, there are some who are way too much in your face about it.
        The sex-changes, imho, should be restricted to people 18 and older as should be most elective surgeries.

  • magicmikexxsm

    First LGBTQ Rally in Bradford County…………………………………

    Okay what the hell does the “Q” stand for now?????????????? pretty soon you freaks will have all the letter of the alphabet in your name……LGBTYMROPDSMNXZWHUFI LOL way funny…..
    Freaks nobody cares about you….

  • Bart

    WNEP has an agenda to push. WNEP likes to shove this kind of story in our faces and if WNEP can shove it in the faces of the non-metro people that’s even better. Hey WNEP, isn’t it time for another LGBTQ bathroom-confusion story?

  • rally? really?

    I’ll bet the 5 or 6 thumbsdown on these anti gay posts are the total of the 5 or 6 people who attended this rally. I noticed so few people when I drove through Towanda yesterday, I thought perhaps it might have been a Hillary Clinton rally.

  • Mark

    Rally for what?! The fact that homosexual men are the biggest contributors to the spread of AIDS? Get ’em outta here!

    • Dmitri Jones

      That might have been true in the US of the 1970’s. Welcome to 2016, where the primary mode of transmission around the world is heterosexual sexual contact. It becomes compounded in areas with strong Catholic presence after Pope Benedict’s banning of condoms per religious doctrine regarding birth control.

  • Nick

    This is getting so ridiculous. I am condemned for being a Christian, while LGBT people are people celebrated, because they can’t figure out which sex they like? Man, society has changed. I can’t believe WNEP covered this.

  • Steve Corvett

    WNEP actually paid a reporter and driver to drive an hour and a half to cover this. The world is on fire and this is news ?

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