Suspect Nabbed in Scranton Gunfire Incident

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SCRANTON -- Police have a man in custody in connection with gunfire in Scranton on Wednesday morning.

Just shy of 24 hours after shots were fired on Railroad Avenue in Scranton, police tracked down their alleged shooter as he was trying to get away from them.

He's now charged with attempted homicide and several other charges.

Scranton Police and U.S. Marshals found the suspect on a secluded one-way street in Scranton's north end. They put Nyriq Johnson, 21, in handcuffs on Ward Place.

Officers say Johnson was wanted on attempted homicide charges,  a reason why Scranton's Special Operation Group was out looking for him.

Neighbors watched as police took Johnson away. He was later charged for firing six shots on Railroad Avenue in west Scranton Wednesday morning.

According to court papers, Johnson got into an argument with someone before firing the shots.

The bullets hit a pickup truck parked on the street. Police say a 3-year-old child and an infant were near that pickup at the time.

Officers say they were familiar with Nyriq Johnson. A tip from a witness helped them find him so quickly.





    Good Job with the censorship WNEP; the goon-squad got its way and it looks like the voice of the people is being choked under the boot of an over reaching totalitarian dictator telling us what we can and cant say. Just another one of our god-given constitutional rights being eroded by the lib-tards in this country.

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    thats crazy i use to work with this kid. Hes a good kid caught up in a bad situation. i know he wouldnt of done this unless he had a good reason

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