Professors Rally Before Strike Deadline

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EAST STROUDSBURG UNIVERSITY -- About 80 members of the union representing college professors rallied, chanting 'students first,' Thursday afternoon at East Stroudsburg University.

In under a week, faculty members at East Stroudsburg and 13 other universities could go on strike.

Professors have been working without a union contract for more than a year, and are at odds with the state over benefits for current teachers and retirees.

"I assume there will be a strike," said Dr. Allen Benn, an ESU Faculty Union Representitive, "I can't recall in all my time being here, there being the sort of distance there is between two sides."



  • Real people

    What a joke students first if you really cared you would not strike try graduating with tons of debt and no jobs available maybe you guys need a taste of reality try looking in from the outside for a wile PEOPLE!!

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