Paying with Plastic on the PA Turnpike

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BEAR CREEK TOWNSHIP -- If you don't have E-ZPass and don't carry cash, you might be relieved by a new way to pay for tolls on the Pennsylvania Turnpike. You can pay with a credit card.

The new payment method at turnpike toll booths is a relief to turnpike drivers who don't carry cash.

"If I don't have the money, I will just go through the fast lane without having an E-ZPass sticker and they will just mail be a citation. They mount up pretty quick," said Joe Holden of Philadelphia.

The turnpike commission says credit cards are not its preferred method of payment, but it should be used instead of running through E-ZPass lanes if you don't have cash."

"It would be nice (if they accepted other payment methods) but even credit cards is better than just cash," said Sean Haley of Allentown.

The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission actually started allowing drivers to pay with credit cards at toll plazas last month but most people didn't know about the new method of payment because the turnpike commission does not want backups at toll booths with drivers processing credit card payments. It prefers people get an E-ZPass over using credit cards. The commission says credit cards should be a last resort to avoid a ticket.


  • jake

    The turnpike has insufficient funds, you give your license, and you get a receipt to pay it online or by mail for a buck or 2 extra to the toll fee.

  • joe

    How do you travel without carrying cash with you?
    It sounds like laziness to me.
    The ticket they mail to you will cost you the fee for the entire length of the Turnpike.
    Stupid people….

    • lelani

      I avoid carrying cash…it tends to burn a hole in my pocket whereas my debit/credit card makes me pause before making a purchase. The only time I carry some cash is when I take a trip that involves flying.

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