Lackawanna County Hosts Tire Recycling

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SCRANTON -- An event going on this week in Lackawanna County can help you get rid of some old tires.

It was a dreary day at the Lackawanna Recycling Center in Scranton but Rich Walter still smiled as he emptied piles of old tires from his pickup.

"Good! Because now I got room behind my garage! They were piling up, can't believe how much room I got there! it looks nice," Walter said.

Walter was able to empty out his garage because of Lackawanna County's annual tire recycling event through Saturday, and at nine different locations throughout the county, residents can recycle old tires for cheap.

Robert O'Boyle says taking his tires to a scrap yard could cost five or six times as much. He's been holding on to some of his for a decade.

"I believe strongly in recycling," O'Boyle said. "I don't want to put them in the garbage, even a bicycle tire. I got one back there from my grandson's bike. I brought here because I didn't want to put it in the garbage."

Lackawanna County officials say when all of the tire recycling events are finished, they expect to fill three tractor trailers worth -- about 30 tons of tires.

They will be sent to a company in central Pennsylvania that turns them into things such as jar openers and rubber surfaces for playgrounds.

Lindsay Grady said her options were not only expensive but limited. She was thankful for the Lackawanna County tire recycling event.

"Been looking for a place to get rid of them, but obviously I want to make sure they're going to a place where they're going to be disposed of properly or recycled, whatever the case might be. I was searching on the internet and happened to find this for Lackawanna County."

The tire program in Lackawanna County is only open to people who live in the county.

Lackawanna County Recycling Center