Two PNC Bank Branches Closing

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WYOMING -- With more and more people turning to their phones and computers for their banking needs, we are seeing more and more bank branches closing.

PNC Bank just announced that two of its branches in Luzerne County will close.

Over the past few years, many of the big banks have closed hundreds of their branches because of this trend to bank online.

A few years ago, PNC announced it would close about 200 branches and now two in Luzerne County are being added to the list.

One branch is in Freeland, and the other is on Wyoming Avenue in Wyoming. Those customers will have to drive to the next closest branch.

"I don't really like it because I have to go all the way up to Plains now," said Edward Heck of Exeter.

"For me, it's going to be extra mileage naturally, but I just like this bank. That's all I can say, and the employees are very nice," said Joe Zampetti.

PNC says a majority of its customers are turning to their phone and doing mobile banking or online banking. In fact, more than half of their deposits are done that way, making branches inefficient.

"I personally don't trust mobile banking," said Heck. "You can say whatever you want about mobile. I don't trust that with my money. I rather my money goes from my hands to someone else's."

While some customers at the closing branches just prefer to walk into the bank and deal with a person, not a machine, others rely on the personal touch.

Joe Zampetti doesn't know how to bank online and prefers not to have to learn how.

"I'm too old. I do everything paper-wise."

Both the branches we mentioned are expected to close by mid-November.

Customers from the Wyoming branch can go to PNC branches in Plains or Kingston.

Customers of the PNC Freeland branch are being told to go the branch in Berwick.