Back Mountain Murder Back In Spotlight

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DALLAS TOWNSHIP -- A gruesome Luzerne County murder from nearly a decade ago is once again in the national spotlight, this time because of a television show and upcoming movie.

Bryan Kocis lived in a quiet neighborhood in Luzerne County's Back Mountain, but investigators say Bryan Kocis was a big name in the gay porn industry, a well-known producer with an eye for talent.

He was murdered in his home in January 2007, stabbed dozens of times, nearly beheaded.

His home was then torched.

"Never had any one case like it and I'm sure I never will again," said prosecutor Mike Melnick.

The story was featured Wednesday on Crime Watch Daily, a television series which airs on WNEP.

After the murder, investigators tracked down Harlow Cuadra and Joseph Kerekes, a couple from Virginia who were also in the gay porn business.

The two are serving life sentences for murdering Kocis.

Investigators say the two wanted Kocis out of the way so they could take one of his top actors, Sean Lockhart, known in films as ‘Brent Corrigan.’

"I will die at the stake before I ever admit that I did anything wrong. You know what, they will have blood on their hands,” Cuadra told Crime Watch Daily.

A book was written about the Kocis murder and investigation, and aside from the television show, there's also a movie being released in theaters nationwide next Friday.

Called “King Cobra,” the film features Christian Slater, James Franco, and others.

They are big name Hollywood stars acting out what police believe unfolded right here in Northeastern Pennsylvania.

The home where Bryan Kocis lived and was murdered has been torn down.

People who live in this community say that was a time they would really rather forget.

"It's sinister, it's disgusting, it's we were caught in a world of greed, but we went there on purpose with the purpose to kill him,” Kerekes told Crime Watch Daily in a phone interview.


  • Kent

    Bryan Kocis was an amazing, talented artist. It’s a tragedy what happened to him. He will always be missed by his fans, both locally and around the world.

  • Marvin

    We are losing so many talented fine young people these days due to violence. Not only do we lose the individual, but we no longer get to enjoy their amazing films.

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