Voter Registration Deadline Day

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STROUDSBURG -- People dropping off stacks of registration papers, phone ringing off the hook -- those were the sights and sounds throughout the Monroe County's Board of Elections Office in Stroudsburg on this voter registration deadline day.

"It's very obvious that every vote counts and we want to make sure ours count for the person we are going to vote for," said Rocco Supino of Stroudsburg.

Rocco Supino from Stroudsburg was one of those people dropping off registration papers.

He tells Newswatch 16 while every election is important, next months is a big one.

"It behooves everyone to do the right thing and come out and vote instead of not voting. Some people say they don't like either one of them, x,y and z but there are a lot of things at steak," said Supino.

Officials at the voter registration office tell Newswatch 16 numbers this year are up.

"Very busy. Lots of phone calls, people coming in, people registering online. Voter registration is definitely up, definitely," said Sara May-Silfee, voter registration director.

While you only had until 5 p.m. to drop off your paper registration, you can still register online or from your smartphone until midnight. It's what a lot of people have been doing.

At the Democratic campaign headquarters on Main Street in Stroudsburg, volunteers were coming in and out with registration papers.

"The staff was saying we have registered over 1,000 people, maybe 2,000, and we haven't done a final tally yet, but lots," said Cynthia Crowner, Democratic volunteer.

The same can be said for the Republican campaign headquarters on Park Avenue in Stroudsburg.

"The numbers have been phenomenal. People have been filling out voter registrations for the first time or to change parties," said Josephine Ferro, Women for Trump coordinator.

You can register to vote through the Pennsylvania Department of State’s online application. Before you begin, be sure to have your Pennsylvania driver’s license or PennDOT ID card handy.

Learn more about online voter registration here.

Election Day is November 8, 2016.