Pressed For Apples: Cider Price Rises

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FAIRFIELD TOWNSHIP -- Every day, thousands of apples wobble down a conveyor belt and into bags at Marshalek's Fruit Farm near Montoursville.

"Right now you are bringing them in, you are just trying to find room for them now,” said Ray Marshalek.

It's apple season, which means it's one of the busiest months for Marshalek's. Ray Marshalek sells his apples at his farm and to grocery chains across central Pennsylvania. Not all of Marshalek’s apples will make it to the shelves and that's okay.

"Some blemishes, stems, and that's what you are going to make the cider out of,” said Marshalek.

A half-gallon of apple cider goes for $3 at the fruit farm, but if you were to buy the same product at a grocery store it may cost you a bit more than it did last year.

"Compared to last year we're getting 10 to 11 percent more per case from our commercial accounts,” said Marshalek.

Marshalek makes his own cider. He says there's an increase in the price because there's a demand for apples.

“Northern Tier, Pennsylvania. A lot of New York State, the crop is really affected by the late winter weather we had. I think that's what we might be seeing as far as an increase in cider prices."

"It never surprises you with the weather up there,” said Beth Cobb.

Beth Cobb lives in Sullivan County. She makes the drive every few weeks just for the apples.

"I like to drink it, of course hot cider. I put a little cinnamon stick in it,” said Cobb.

Beth doesn't check the prices at the grocery store because she buys apple cider from the farm. Others we spoke with say they probably won't think twice about picking up a gallon at the store because after all, it is apple season.