Flood Wall in Bloomsburg Complete

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BLOOMSBURG -- A project to prevent flooding in part of Columbia County is now complete.

Officials dedicated the Bloomsburg flood wall along Railroad and West 5th Streets.

The wall was built to protect homes, schools, and businesses near the Susquehanna River.

People who live in this part of Bloomsburg hope it prevents devastation like that caused by the flood of 2011.


  • Tim

    Din Berry, 100% correct. I emailed WNEP last night as Marisa was talking about it on TV. I love when reporters say that Grant money paid for this project or that project as though it didn’t cost taxpayers anything. Grants = taxpayers money.

  • Din Berry

    Story incorrect. The Wall protects zero homes and schools , only two businesses. ( One has no occupant ) Hope WNEP reports this info. Home owners will now have higher water levels on their properties. Nice job politicians with our tax money.

  • Jamie

    They need to make walls like this but higher to keep all the illegal immigrants out and stop letting them 🇺🇸

    • Tim

      I agree, Can’t stand when liberals say “immigrants built this country”, yes they did, but what they don’t understand is that those immigrants were looking to help build this country not tear it apart like they are trying to do today.

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