Woman Rescued from Burning Home in Luzerne County

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FOSTER TOWNSHIP -- A woman was rescued from a burning home Monday morning in Luzerne County.

Flames broke out around 9 a.m. in the home on Route 940 in Foster Township, near Freeland.

Firefighters said a man and woman were home at the time. The woman was rescued from a window and the man was able to escape on his own.

"When I rolled up, we had a lady hanging out of the second-floor window on the east side of the building. There were some citizens trying to coax her to jump," said Foster Township Fire Chief Michael Spock.

Firefighters were able to instead get her down with a ladder.

"I started to get panicked because I thought I was going to die."

At one point, Regina Decking even considered hanging onto cable lines connected to the home to escape the smoke.

"I just want to say thank you because they took care of my husband. He went to the hospital. I don't know how he is doing right now," Decking said.

Firefighters say Decking's husband should be OK and is being treated for breathing in too much smoke.

Decking says their small dog did not make it out.

It took more than 50 firefighters more than two hours to get the fire under control.

Firefighters believe the fire was started by the wood burning stove. A fire marshal is still determining that for sure.