Trump to Stump near Wilkes-Barre

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WILKES-BARRE TOWNSHIP -- Fresh off the debate and the latest controversy, Donald Trump is coming to our area Monday evening.

So far, there are two public events on the Trump agenda. The first is Monday afternoon just outside of Pittsburgh. The second at the arena in Wilkes-Barre Township.

Trump has been in Wilkes-Barre area before. Back in April, the night before the Pennsylvania primary, Trump spoke before a capacity crowd.

Since the latest Trump controversy, Trump is losing support even in his own party.

"I cannot vote for Donald Trump based on what he said in those tapes and the actions he talks about in those tapes and talked about assault against women,” said Republican New Hampshire Senator Kelly Ayotte.

The sun was barely up with temperatures in the 40s with a chilly wind, and the Trump faithful were already on the sidewalk outside the arena's east gate.

Merrill Mayenschein of Gouldsboro was among the first.

"If you really support something, really are for something, you will do whatever you need to do to support that candidate," Mayenschein said.

And that candidate is Donald Trump. Mayenschein was there for Trump's rally in the spring and said he had to be here in the fall to see the man he believes will win the White House next month.

They came with food and drinks and they also came with tolerance.

Judy Weeks of Lake Ariel says Trump's controversial, 10-year-old recorded comments on women are not of concern. She calls it a generational thing. Young people can be offended. those older not so much.

"Donald Trump and I are the same age, so do I feel offended? Not really, it was locker room talk."

Levi Felty is attending his third Trump rally, and he's been at one rally for Mike Pence, Trump's choice for vice president. Felty is from the Reading area. He got his spot in line, after sleeping in his SUV. Felty is driven by a mistrust of Democrat Hillary Clinton.

"I do not support anything Hillary Clinton says or does and I really do feel Donald J. Trump will make America great again," Felty said.

The whole world is watching. A television crew from a Swiss network was here, recording what people here in our area think and feel about the candidates on the November ballot.

The doors at the rally open at 4 p.m. on Monday. Trump is scheduled to take to the podium at 7 p.m.  Wilkes-Barre Township police warn of traffic issues around the arena, and on Interstate 81 before and after Trump's visit.

Officials warn of tight security. Everyone going inside goes through a metal detector.

There is also a $10 charge to park in the arena lot.


  • Sick to my Stomach

    I’m not voting for a priest. I am voting for a President with backbone to stand up against the liars and the cheats in Washington. Mr Trump has the guts and the knowledge to lead this Country and Make America Great Again. Hillary is a lying witch who belongs in jail. Anyone who puts our Country in jeopardy and destroys the emails , lies to a grand Jury belongs behind bars. She can not be trusted, her, her husband, Obama and the cronies she hires to follow her around and clean up her mess.

    • Gloria

      The debacle last night was very informing with Trump babbling incoherently about Russia & Syria & doing a total 180 on his own running mate. I’ll bet Trump can’t even find Syria on a map. He is woefully pathetic on foreign affairs.

  • Rurbanite

    In this country, we do not threaten to put our opponents in jail after an election. If evil is to triumph, history will record that the good people of NEPA did nothing to preserve our democratic system. I am ashamed.

    • Crash Bigly

      Conway has already walked that statement back.
      Good thing we have Trump interpreters so we know what he meant when he said what we heard.

    • Writer Girl

      Anyone else who would have done what Hillary did, would be in jail, hands down, including you or me. Are you ashamed that Hillary once again skirted the issue?

  • McCracken

    I don’t think either of them will be successful, as President. At this point, I’m just ready for sometime, in late November, when the election is over and the shock has worn off. Then, we can finally move forward; in one direction or another.

  • Crash Bigly

    New NBC/Wall St. Jour. poll has Clinton up by 11 points in a four-way race, 14 points in a two-way race.

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