Thousands Stand in Line for Trump in Luzerne County

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WILKES-BARRE TOWNSHIP -- Thousands of people stood outside Mohegan Sun Arena in Wilkes-Barre Township Monday, waiting for Donald Trump.

The lines were long and the energy was high.

"He's been my candidate since day one, so I'm here to support," said Linda Letcher of Hazleton.

Trump’s second appearance at the arena near Wilkes-Barre drew people from near and far. Trump spoke to a crowd here in April.

"These are the people that are going to vote for Mr. Trump no matter what happens between now and Election Day," said John Kameen of Forest City.

Many of the supporters chanted and cheered, wearing Trump hats, t-shirts and holding signs and banners.

Some were in costume, including a person dressed as Hillary Clinton in a prison outfit.

Kay Sunday of Hanover Township dressed as Trump, himself, leading a woman dressed as Hillary Clinton with a chain around her neck.

"I'm Trump and she's Hillary. Why aren't you 50 point ahead?”

Some in the crowd were passionate Trump supporters, although they’re not yet old enough to vote.

"I hope he wins because we didn't have a good president since Ronald Reagan and George Bush,” said Zaine Baloga of Freeland.

"He's really good at speaking, like Hillary Clinton. She has to plan like three days, her speech and everything at debates,” said Ryan Mathis of Exeter.

There were some protesters and an anti-Trump vehicle, too, which drove around the arena, but for the parking lot was filled with pro-Trump tractor trailers.

"Most important election of my lifetime, this can't go on. The last eight years have been an absolute disaster. We've got to have a change of course or we're going right down the drain,” said Mark Williams of Bloomsburg.

"I just liked how he said he was going to fight for all of us, not just pick certain Americans. He's fighting for all Americans,” said Matthew Dopp of Mountain Top.


  • rich

    I wanna know why every news station is all about bashing Trump. Making sure everyone heard about comments he said yet criticizing him for saying anything bad about Hillary like he had no right to bring up a hat her husband has done to women or what Hillary has said. The threats she has made towards them. I can tell who you all are voting for

    • Writer Girl

      It’s the bias and double-standard of the liberal media and the dumb people who support liberal everything. Smart people will still vote for Trump.

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