Detour for Sewer Work on Busy City Street

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SCRANTON -- Part of a busy street in Scranton is closed for at least a week disrupting the flow of traffic to homes and businesses in the area.

Pittston Avenue at Brook Street closed Monday.

For instance, McCarthy Florists are affected. The owner said the road closure will cut down on the number of walk-in customers.

Depending on the time of day, Pittston Avenue in south Scranton sees a lot of cars and trucks. This week, that traffic is detoured around this intersection at Brook Street while crews work on a sewer project.

The road closed signs are in place, barricades and construction equipment as well. As of right now, this part of Pittston Avenue will be closed for at least one week.

"I can handle it because I know it’s going to be temporary," said neighbor John Kunda when asked if the detour will be too much to bear.

Kunda has lived here his whole life and isn't going to let a short detour through his neighborhood bother him. That is, unless it takes longer than expected.

"It could be we’ll have to face it as it comes up. I don’t worry too much," he said.

Drivers will have to get used to the detour which takes them about one block out of their way. But once the contractors finish the job and the intersection's paved. It will be smooth sailing again here on Pittston Avenue.

Folks who live or work on these blocks closest to the closure can get to where they need to go, but other drivers will have to go around.