Democrats Rally Against Trump in Wilkes-Barre

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WILKES-BARRE -- Some Democrats are calling on Republican lawmakers to stop supporting Donald Trump, especially in light of his comments about women.

A news conference was held Monday morning at the Clinton campaign headquarters in Wilkes-Barre.

Democrat Katie McGinty had a strong message for her opponent, US Senator Pat Toomey.

"So Pat Toomey, come on out of the shadows. Man up, Pat Toomey, and look your constituents in the eye and let them know that finally you'll stand up for what's right and denouncing and defeating Donald Trump."

Toomey has not officially endorsed Trump.


  • reality

    Really, WNEP airs programs during prime hours that children are up that are just as demeaning and lewd to women as what Mr. Trump said in private. Also.. if you are worried about what he said in private then go to your law makers and get rid of sex stores, strip clubs, and porn. Which by the way how many elected officials take part in those activities???.. Quite acting holier than thou people.

    • Valfreyja

      It’s a pity name calling isn’t equal to a vote. It’s an extra pity that you don’t see it’s exactly this type of childish behavior that is causing your side to lose ground. The youth doesn’t listen to conservative ideas anymore, even those which are good, because they come from the mouths of fools.

      Enjoy becoming the Whig Party all over again.

      • joe

        “The youth doesn’t listen to conservative ideas anymore……….”
        No they don’t listen because shillery, obuma & the burn are filling their heads with “It’s ok to expect things for free & not have to work & earn them.”

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