Bikers Roll Through Northeast Pennsylvania in Support of Trump

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MOOSIC -- The second presidential debate of 2016 is set for Sunday night, and for Donald Trump, the stakes couldn't be higher.

Over the past 48 hours, a number of GOP officials have renounced him, some even calling for him to quit the campaign.

One congressman from our area says he's standing by his candidate.

Some people at the "Bikers for Trump" rally in Lackawanna County said they are disappointed about Republicans withdrawing their support for Trump, but Congressman Tom Marino, the first US representative to endorse Trump, says he's not worried.

Marino was joined by hundreds of Trump supporters as the “Bikers for Trump” ride rolled through parts of Lackawanna and Susquehanna Counties.

While everyone we spoke with says they are standing by Trump after hearing a recording of him talking about groping women, a long list of Republican office-holders have withdrawn their support.

“It is disappointing. I think they should be ashamed of themselves. He is the Republican candidate,” said Luann Manning of Scranton.

Marino was the first congressman in the country to endorse Trump. He tells Newswatch 16 it's hard to envision any scenario where he would dump Trump.

“I still support Donald Trump, and there is nothing that is going to change me from supporting Donald Trump, nothing at this point. I don't like what was said about women years ago, but that was years ago,” Marino said.

Marino dismisses the list of legislators who have backed away from the Republican nominee.

“They can do what they want. I am my own man. They can do what they want.”

Marino's opponent is Democrat Mike Molesevich of Lewisburg.

“Mr. Trump has been an embarrassment to his country and to the world, and unfortunately, my opponent Mr. Marino still is supporting him,” Molesevich said.

He believes Marino's loyalty to Trump could cost the congressman votes.

“It shows poor judgment on Mr. Marino's part in continuing to support him. If Mr. Marino had the courage and had some character himself, he would rescind his endorsement and show that he is the man that he portrays himself to be,” added Molesevich.

Marino believes Trump needs to focus more on the issues as the campaign moves forward.



      Keep on going 100+ on your rice rocket, doing wheelies, burnouts, and being a general nuisance to society. I’ll make sure I’ll give the ol’ bikers wave to ya when you are just a big grease stain on the highway when you meet your demise you goon.

  • Cheese

    You left out the part where one of the deplorables blocked a major intersection on Route 6 to illegally wave 300 noise polluters through red lights.

  • Feed Me More

    cant wait until this is over and all the trump trash goes into hiding, disgusting in every way, jill stein 2016

  • Hjkjgc

    Is there honestly a man out there who doesn’t talk like a dirty pig when he’s hanging out with other guys? All that “leaked clip” showed is he’s not a polished piece of crap like Hillary. Give me a break. He’s human

    • Old News

      I havent found many who don’t talk that way away from women… I find it really annoying when they get unsettled that you don’t find their comments entertaining though. I don’t exactly understand why they get so pushy to make you agree with them either.

      Nonetheless, what trump said is just a bunch of trash talk and he has every right to talk that way. I don’t think they have any recent recordings of him talking like that though. If this is all they have on the guy, he’s golden in my opinion.

    • E

      Sure there are men who don’t talk like dirty pigs when women aren’t around. Just leave your burnt out coal slum full of white trash and visit an area with decent, educated human beings and there are plenty. Don’t assume everyone is trash like your family and friends, because they are not. Ha ha!

      • burtfan16

        I’ve been to places like you described. I was raised in a place like you described. There really wasn’t much difference. So go f**k yourself.

      • E

        Well burtfan16 I seriously doubt you were raised in a decent community lol. You may have been born in one, but I see why they didn’t want you and why you ended up in Northeastern white trash coal miner Pa. People end up where they belong; you clearly belong living next to two of the largest landfills in the United States. You’re a perfect example of proper garbage disposal ha ha ha!

      • Writer Girl

        So I guess we should be generalizers and biased people like you? There are many decent people in NEPA and I’m willing to bet those coal workers worked harder than you ever will.

      • E

        @writergirl. Nope try again. Two full time jobs to pay for my college degree. I’m able to handle both intense physical labor and intellectual pursuits simultaneously. Your beloved coal miner ancestors didn’t choose to work manual labor jobs, they were forced to because they behaved like abusive trash and no decent community wanted them. You’re bragging that they were slaves as an arguing point and it’s pathetic.

    • Valfreyja

      There’s a whole world of difference between talking about Carol from accounting’s big rack and talking about having actually handled a woman without her consent. One is locker room talk, the other is an admission of criminal harassment. Trump isn’t a good guy in the boy’s club at the gym. He’s a molester.

      • Writer Girl

        And your just another goofball who listens to sound bites and then goes running their mouth to push lies. The male moderator clearly asked him if he ever DID any of the things he said, and he said NO!!! Quit being dumb and pushing lies to further your Hillary cause.

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