Sanders Campaigns for Clinton in Scranton

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SCRANTON -- Former presidential candidate Bernie Sanders made a campaign stop in the Electric City to stump for fellow Democrat Hillary Clinton, hoping to get his primary supporters to back her.

We spoke one on one with Sanders about how Clinton won his support.

“Secretary Clinton came on board with a proposal that I had in the campaign that said public colleges and universities should be tuition free,” he said.

We asked Sanders about the latest campaign headlines involving Donald Trump and the recording of him talking about fondling women.

“That attitude towards women, that belief, that you could do anything you want, you're important, you're famous, you can hit on women, we just cannot elect a president who has that attitude,” Sanders said.

For some people in the crowd, Sanders is still a star. Some vendors were happy to see Sanders because the visit allowed them to sell merchandise left over from the primaries.

We spoke to a number of people who say while they supported him in the primaries, now they are with Hillary Clinton.

“I really appreciate that he is doing this. He is willing to say this is bigger than us. It is bigger than me. We are willing to all come together,” said Catherine Mahon of Lavelle.

"I love his integrity that he is supporting Hillary now," said Ellen Walko.

But not everyone at the rally feels comfortable voting for Clinton.

“I am very vocal against Hillary on Facebook, but today I am wavering a bit,” said Jackie Mattes of Nicholson.

“What keeps me up at night is Donald Trump being president,” said one Bernie volunteer.

Some Trump supporters stationed themselves right across the street from where Sanders spoke in Scranton.

They chanted and sang songs criticizing Clinton.

Scranton businessman and avid Trump supporter Bob Bolus had his Trump truck on hand as other waved signs at the traffic going by.

We asked the Trump supporters if they are concerned with the audio tape of Trump speaking about groping women, but none seemed too worried.

"He is just a man's man. That is what men do," said Barbara Scis.

"That was eleven years ago and it is democratic propaganda," said Mike Bussacco of Scranton.

Election Day is November 8.


  • Dan Wesson NRA Proud

    The only thing Sanders knows is where his pay check comes from. The same basement the server is in. The Feds. should raid the liars house. Sanders should get a job with AARP.

  • ...

    Funny enough voting for Hillary is about the worst thing you can do for women. If she wins hordes of Muslims coming from countries that treat women like property and second class citizens will come pouring in, great idea!

  • I Am The Antipope

    Doesn’t Sanders know that McGinty was a gas company executive?
    That Clinton was a Walmart executive?

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