Students Release Balloon Rosary

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EXETER -- There was quite a sight floating over part of the Wyoming Valley on Friday. It was a rosary made of balloons, and it's part of a special effort by students praying for peace.

The rosary made of balloons soared in the skies above the Wyoming Area Catholic School in Luzerne County as students and teachers prayed for the feast of Our Lady of the Rosary.

This was the fourth annual rosary in which students used a 50-foot blue and white rosary with biodegradable balloons as a symbol of prayers of peace in the world.

"What I thought was the families and all the people of the hurricane," said eighth grader Chris Hine.

For Principal Eileen Rishcoff, the idea of a living rosary started four years ago. She wanted to show students to learn and embrace the prayers of the Catholic Church.

"We're not just teaching them to pray but to understand while they're praying to love to pray the rosary, to love to be a part of their Catholic Faith."

Principal Rishcoff hopes it set sets a good example for younger students to see the upperclassmen taking part.

"It's a school family that comes together and unites as one prayer or prayers."

Molly Blaskiewicz watched upperclassman hold the balloons last year and was really happy to take part in this year's rosary.

"We were excited because they wanted to show younger kids that it's OK to pray in public."

A tradition they hope will continue for generations to come.


  • Concerne

    Now they will deflate or pop and cause litter in the woods. I pray that you find the litter!

    I don’t practice the faith, go ahead and carry your rosary all around; no one is stopping you. The Jews wear their symbolic dress all of the time and no one bothers them. Why should you be afraid to pray in public?

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