Life Skills Class Makes Shirts for Homecoming

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CENTRE TOWNSHIP -- Students at Central Columbia High School are ready for the school's homecoming game Friday night. They even had special T-shirts made for the occasion, thanks to the school's life skills students.

It was lunchtime at Central Columbia High School near Bloomsburg and the cafeteria was filled with students dressed in t-shirts that read, "Unleash the Spirit." But they aren`t just any t-shirts. They were made by the high school`s life skills class.

"It was fun," April Kocher said.

This year student council reached out to the life skills class with a big question: Can they make more than 300 t-shirts for homecoming? The students said, "of course!"

"It keeps me focused and stuff and I love doing it. It's just a great job to do," Ty Long said.

The 13 students each played a role in making the shirts.

"Ironed the shirts, measured how long they go, put the logo on then steamed them on," Isaiah Sincavage said.

"It was easy," Laura Karchner said. "It was a lot of fun."

The students sold the shirts to their peers and teachers for $10.

The class got to keep some of the proceeds from the shirts and that money will go to field trips for the class.

"It's all to help our kids learn skills that are going to translate into the real world," Brett Sarnoski said.

Caitlin Lowe and Peyton Boudman are peer tutors for the life skills program. They watched the students make the shirts.

"They worked really hard. It took them about four days and they all got to make a couple together," Boudman said.

"It was cool to see them do something that I wouldn't be able to do and they're really good at it. All the shirts are perfect," Lowe said.

Not only were the shirts done on time, they were made with pride.