Ledoretti’s Auto Services to Close after 60 Years

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PLAINS TOWNSHIP -- It's the end of an era for a family-owned auto shop and gas station in Luzerne County as its owners say goodbye.

The place has been in business for six decades, but the owners plan to close at the end of the month.

Joe Ledoretti Jr. has been working at his family-owned auto shop near Wilkes-Barre for almost all his life.

"I've been here since I was 10 years old, since 1968, washing cars, pumping gas."

The mechanics still pump gas for some customers who come to fill up at Ledoretti's Auto Services.

"The older ladies don't know how to pump gas, and unfortunately every other place around here is self-service. Full service is history! "

There have been some new cars and some new customers who have gone in and out of the service center on Route 315 over the years, but Joe's dad, Joe Sr., and his brother Tom started working there when it first opened in 1955. They both still work there today.

"Today, there's so much technology, it just passed me by," Tom said. "Of course, I'm a short person, so it didn't take much to pass me by!"

Now, Joe Sr. and Tom plan to retire.

"It was a pleasure," said Joe Sr. "We worked with a lot of nice people around this valley."

Many customers, some who have been coming for generations, will miss the family behind the business.

"It's personal service, they care about you, your car," said Jack Spiel.

"It's harder for a small guy to make a living because the big boys just eat into you, and it's just time, everything has its era, and it's time for us! " said Joe Jr.

Joe Jr. plans to find a job at another auto repair shop. The family plans to close Ledoretti's at the end of the month.

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