Saturday Expected To Be Busy Day At Scranton High School

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SCRANTON -- It`s expected to be a packed house at Scranton High School this Saturday with three events going on pretty much at the same time.

Bill King, the director of the Steamtown Marathon, says thousands of runners will be at the school for the marathon`s expo starting at 11:30 that morning to pick up registration packets.

“We have runners coming from 40 states, four countries, we have probably around 4,000 people associated with this race expo coming down here,” said King.

At 9 a.m., our Newswatch 16`s Ryan Leckey`s annual Ryan`s Ryan 5 K will be held at the stadium with the All Abilities walk following at 10.

That benefits Allied Services, which helps children and adults with disabilities.

“We have 300 people preregistered for this event, many of them have disabilities, need special parking,” said Charlotte Wright with Allied Services. “And we anticipate at least that many more people coming to register that day.”

The Pennsylvania Teachers Union had planned to hold a rally with Bernie Sanders for Hillary Clinton on Courthouse Square at 10:30 Saturday morning.

Now that rally has been moved to the high school due to possible rain, Scranton Union President Rosemary Boland says the weather left them with few options.

“We needed a large venue, most of the venues here right now are, for example the Cultural Center is booked, most every place is booked,” said Boland.

Boland says to relieve parking at the school rally goers can park at the Marketplace at Steamtown for free and buses will take them to Scranton High.

“For the people who are registering for Steamtown Marathon, I know Ryan`s Run is happening, we never dream to interfere with anything like that,” said Boland.

However King is firmly skeptical. “I think it`s a logistical nightmare, it`s a security nightmare and i think it really an embarrassment to our city,” said King.


  • jim

    Another great example of Scranton Democratic politics at work. They don’t care about anyone else, it is that simple. With thousands of runners and their families coming in for the events and also a football homecoming game for Scranton Prep. this will be a nightmare. They will just do as they please and have their event where and when the want with no consideration given to how this will negatively impact everyone else. Who made this decision??? There are probably a number of other venues open that would have been fine. What about The University of Scranton, Marywood, Lackawanna College, PNC field? Maybe this is so the media can make it look like there is actually a large crowd there to see Bernie. What a joke.

  • Bob

    Hillary’s campaign is completely thoughtless. Clinton, Clinton go away – come back again some other day.

  • Joe Piscapo

    What makes anything Billy King has to say relevant? He is a disgraced, disgruntled Scranton School District employee. He is an embarrassment to the city. The school district is still trying to recover from his
    reign of horror.

  • Steamtown Runner

    This is embarassing, King is right. You have two large events that have already reserved the school. There is no reason to put this Sanders event here with 2 days notice. Let them find somewhere else – they could have easily booked the venue a year ago like the other events did.

    • Tobie Hannah

      Really? When we didn’t know who the nominee was a year ago? You’re a little bit “special,” aren’t you?

      • Bob

        The name of the candidate doesn’t matter. It’s the matter of timing, which could have easily been worked out well in advance.

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