Power To Save: Life Lessons Through Park Project

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HAZLETON -- Volunteers spent part of their day helping to spruce up a playground in Hazleton.

There were no children hanging around the Arthur Street playground in Hazleton, but there were about a dozen volunteers there to make the playground more appealing.

Volunteers with the Lowe's hero program spray-painted over graffiti on playground equipment, repainting washed-out basketball court lines, and even filled in cracks in the pavement that used to be trip hazards.

"It really feeds into what Lowe's purpose really is, helping people love where they live," said volunteer Martin Diaz. "Hopefully, this is a start for the community to understand it doesn't take one person it takes an entire team."

Volunteers are working hard to improve this park for all kids in the neighborhood, but especially for students just across the street who play there during recess almost every day.

"Everything is just coming together and we are just so impressed that they are doing this out of the goodness of their hearts," said first grade teacher Lisa Yurek.

Teachers at Arthur Street Elementary plan some to teach some lessons out of the volunteer work, such as how to treat property, and how people can be kind with each other because it doesn't take much.

"Really, it's like a snowball effect. All it takes is one person to make a difference, and have that person continue to make a difference," said Dominic Calabrese from Lowe's. "Then it's just overall better living for everybody in this area."