New Film Set To Shoot in Milford

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MILFORD -- The tale of one Pike County attorney's generosity is coming to life in a new movie being filmed in the area.

Crews were on scene in Milford Thursday filming a teaser for the new movie "Journeys."

The true story coming to life centers around an elderly woman whose husband has just died and all she has is a dollar in her pocket. But with the help of a new friendship with famed Milford attorney Sidney Krawitz, she's able to put her husband to rest and Krawitz uncovers quite the family secret.

In real life, Sid Krawitz is director Olive Gallagher's father.

"In 1980, around the Thanksgiving table, he ended up telling this story," said Gallagher. "And I said, 'Daddy - that's a film! And I have to write it!'"

The feature film, starring Laila Robins and James Morrison, is scheduled to shoot in September of next year, with a release date in 2018.

For people who live in the area, it's not every day you see something like a movie set on the streets of Milford.

"It's really neat to watch," said Susan Skidmore of Matamoras. "It's so different from what you'll see as a final product."

Davis Chant is an area realtor and even knew Sid Krawitz back in the day.

"He was a great mentor," said Chant. He was one of the local attorneys and was very helpful to me. And gave me a lot of insight into the legal aspect of real estate."

If you'd like to learn more about the movie Journeys and how to contribute to the film, click here. 


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