Mother Dead, Father in Critical Condition after Overdose in Home with Children

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HAZLETON -- Two parents overdosed in front of their children in Luzerne County and emergency responders were only able to save one.

We've seen it happen over and over again recently in the national news -- parents overdosing with their children nearby.

That appears to be what happened at a home in Hazleton.

It has to be a traumatizing experience for four children in Hazleton to find their parents unconscious on the floor of their home. Now those children are without a mother, and their father is still fighting for his life.

At around 11 a.m. Thursday, police were called to the home on Emerald Court in Hazleton.

A mother and father were found unconscious on the floor.

"You start thinking all kinds of things," said Hazleton Police Chief Jerry Speziale. "You don't think a drug overdose. You start thinking (it's) a carbon monoxide poisoning and then children are still there. You know, could it be a homicide?"

But quickly emergency responders realized the parents had overdosed on drugs while their four children were in the house.

The oldest is just 7 years old, and the youngest is a newborn.

"It's very sad. I don't know what happening to our society. I really don't ," said a neighbor.

What happened is sad but unfortunately, it's been heard before recently.

Just this week near Pittsburgh, a couple overdosed and died in their home while their four children were inside.

A photo of a couple in Ohio went viral last month, showing two parents who overdosed in the front seat of their car while their toddler was strapped in the back.

Now that the unfortunate trend has hit in Hazleton, police implore any parents who are struggling with addiction to get help.

Police say while a mother is dead from the overdose in this home, had the children gotten their hands on the drugs, it could've been worse.

"Imagine a young child or an infant that touches that, and gets it into their system. Now we have an infant that has overdosed or a child that has lost their life."

The children were taken to the hospital to be checked out.

Police say they are physically OK and in the custody of children and youth workers.

Their father is still in critical condition. No names have been released, just that both parents are in their 20s.


    • cntrlpavtr

      Stefan, first off, I do plan on voting Republican in this upcoming election, but I am baffled by your suggestion that liberals “wanted this”. Liberal or conservative, we are all human. There is no bogeyman on EITHER side of the political aisle that can be to blame for these types of issues. In this case, the parents got wrapped up in addiction, for reasons unknown, but you should want to HELP them, not cast blame at Hillary or any other political figure. Drug addiction isn’t a political issue, it is a human one.
      Politics have no place in these types of discussions, so please, next time, keep your beliefs to yourself.

  • Deirdre Roush

    This is so sad,how does this drug have so much control,that you can look into your child’s eyes with love and still stick that needle in your arm. My heart breaks for these addicts and their families! God please have mercy on them!

  • Dylan

    At least NOW the kids have a chance for a good life. You CHOOSE to do drugs and end up dead you will get ZERO sympathy or Empathy from Me. YOU made the choice YOU live (or die) with the consequences.

  • Gerri

    When are going to get on the drug war? Too many children in danger to their parents drug addiction. There must be something done to stop this epidemic.

  • Rurbanite

    I’d like to hear the presidential candidates make this a priority instead of building walls and ranting about beauty queens.

  • myrtle

    Dear God, please bless these innocent children. And for these PARENTS with an addiction…YOU are someones child, stop this epidemic! ! I believe families who KNOW this is going on need to speak up, and report this activity. And our agencies we have who are to PROTECT these children need to step it up. This is tragic, and I mean it when I called this an epidemic. God help us.

    • Lacey

      Sorry no God is going to help them they need to do that themselves. But yes we as a community need to step up our awareness and report this stuff if we see it before more children are affected or killed by this craziness.

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