Hurricane Matthew Affecting Columbus Day Weekend Travelers

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SCRANTON -- Hurricane Matthew is causing problems for travelers this Columbus Day weekend. Some folks had to shorten their vacation to Florida while others had to cancel it. Florida is in the track of the storm and AAA is asking vacationers to do the right thing and ask for help.

"Work with the airlines, work with your travel agenices, safety is the number one thing so really give it a few days, wait for everything to pass and continue with your travel plans," said Nina Waskevich, of AAA.

Even those who planned to take a cruise will get help to find a better time to enjoy their vacation. For people planning to fly down south, AAA says airlines will be willing to adjust your travel plans because of the weather.

"If they were supposed to be flying down to Florida or the Caribbean, they can rotate or change around those flights with any fees being incurred."

AAA says hotels as far north as Virginia are being booked as people try to get away from the wrath of the storm. Vacationers should always be prepared and take along emergency supplies.

"Make sure you have all your medications with you so if you are traveling. Those that are leaving Florida, the Caribbean, or the Bahamas should have those medications ready in a bag that way they can easily travel with them".

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    WNEP, you can pretend that Columbus Day is a ‘real’ holiday all you’d like. Just don’t be surprised if we laugh at you

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