Scranton Police: Woman with Utility Knife Subdued with Stun Gun

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SCRANTON -- A woman is locked up, facing charges of disorderly conduct and assault after Scranton police say she attacked her boyfriend and then approached police officers with a utility knife.

Police officers used a stun gun on Gretchell Torres-Ortiz outside her Moosic Street apartment.

"One of the officers deployed a Taser, at which point she fell to the ground and was taken into custody. They said she was about three yards when they finally deployed the stun gun,” said Scranton Police Captain Dennis Lukasewicz.

Police say it started with a phone call from a car wash on Moosic Street in the city. Officers said they found a man there with a bloodied face. He told them his girlfriend, Torres-Ortiz, repeatedly punched him.

Police went to her nearby apartment. They say they saw a utility knife in her pocket.

According to court papers, she yelled at two police officers in Spanish and approached them trying to hide the knife behind her leg. Officers say they told her to stop and she ignored them. One officer drew his gun and pointed it at her, the other drew his stun gun.

"I was scared because they also, the cops, had a flashlight and they kept looking on the ground with their flashlight and I said what could they be looking for?" said Jean Noble of Scranton.

Noble lives across the street and says she is glad Torres-Ortiz was stunned and not shot.

"God, if they ever shot her. Oh, you know?"

Police officials say the officers did the right thing. Domestic violence calls can be the most unpredictable and dangerous.

"Emotions are running high,” said Lukasewicz.



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