Police Investigate Possible Threat at Carbondale Area High School

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CARBONDALE -- Newswatch 16 has learned there were Carbondale police officers at every entrance to the Carbondale Area Junior/Senior High School when class began Wednesday morning.

There was reportedly some online chat that said a student planned to bring a weapon to school.

Carbondale police questioned two students and went through their cell phones.

Officers in Carbondale concluded there was no real threat to anyone.


  • Hjkkbdd

    I think that this child should have to face the law for making those threats, but also they need to look into why he made them. Bullying in our schools is getting out of hand and needs to be taken as seriously as the threats that are made from the after math. Children don’t just say these things out of no where. Someone had to be making him feel that this was the only thing to say to make the bullying stop and I think that should be investigated also.

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