Paving Project Decades in the Making

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JERMYN -- There's a lot history on Jefferson Avenue in Jermyn, the people who live on the street have long memories.

"Well, I've been here 50 years and I don't know if they ever paved it before that!" said Phillip Tochelli.

It seems no one can remember the last time the streets were paved in Jermyn.

"Its been quite a while. I can't remember. Maybe 40 years? I'm not sure," added Paul Kostiak.

But you won't find any frustration on Jefferson Avenue. Kostiak and his sister enjoyed the nice weather and watched the work unfold.

About a dozen borough streets will be re-paved over the next few days, possibly Jermyn's biggest paving project ever.

"Holes all over the place. It was bad. They waited too long!" Tochelli said.

The borough of Jermyn spent close to $400,000 of its own money to make the streets smooth again. But, when the contractor started digging them up then they really got an idea of how old the streets are.

"Well, we had the milling removal on the existing and there wasn't a whole lot of material on the streets to begin with, and we ran into a lot of cobbles, stuff that was 60 years old!" said Gary Podnajec, owner of Wayco Incorporated.

Wayco Incorporated is doing the work. Crews added a protective layer under the new road in hopes that it will give them another 60 years.

"I think everyone is thrilled that they're going to have at least a street they can go down and maybe not lose a muffler or break a tire!" Podnajec added.

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