Rogue Shopping Carts In Mount Pocono

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MOUNT POCONO -- Shopping carts are causing some headaches in one part of the Poconos. People are taking them from stores in Mount Pocono and leaving them on residential roads.

It's a recurring problem for some people who live in this area, and they hope it gets taken care of before a cart rolls into oncoming traffic.

Regina Teasley lives along Oak Street in Mount Pocono. The street is about a half mile away from any major shopping complex. So when a shopping cart ends up in her yard, she gets a little frustrated.

"I have had them on my property," Teasley said. "I've seen them on other's properties, and I've even seen people who have done it. I asked them please take the shopping cart and put it back."

Teasely isn't the only resident along this stretch of Oak Street noticing the same problem.

Lauren Corbett lives at the end of the street, and she noticed a cart as she was pulling out of her driveway. She said carts from Walmart and the Dollar Store often end up near her home.

"It's a little frustrating and it doesn't have the best look or appeal sitting there curbside, and it doesn't look good, but I don't know if anything will be done about it," Corbett said.

Even farther away from shopping areas, carts can be seen dumped off.

"We have complained over the years and we are presently at the point of where we don't even complain anymore," said resident Bernadette Sanborn.  "We pretty much pick them up and bring them back to the store."

Sanborn lives close to the ShopRite off Knox Street in Mount Pocono. She's had plenty of the store's carts end up in her yard and it's not the kind of lawn ornament she's looking for.

"It deters people from coming here. It looks sloppy and unkempt and for people who are proud of their properties, it makes us seem like we are not proud, and we are."

Store managers at ShopRite say they do their best to come and pick up carts that find their way off the property. They encourage residents to call the store if they see a ShopRite cart where it doesn't belong.


  • bobb

    THE stores wants the carts back!! just call them and they will come and get them. what is the problem. it is not like they this is a new problem in the world.

  • yea i said that!

    Lets stop avoiding one simple fact. The people that are doing this are lazy and black. It’s a city thing. From the ghetto they bring their way of life. I guess I just cleared this up for all the sand burried heads huh?

  • Jeff Woehrle

    Some folks are not fortunate enough to have a car to go to the grocery store. The Obama depression has harmed people of all stripes, and I can sympathize with anyone who has to lug their groceries back to their home. Likewise, it’s inappropriate to penalize a grocery store because their carts were stolen.

    Best advise: Call the store. As the managers at ShopRite said, they’ll be happy to pick up the carts.

  • Axel Rosenberg

    Mt pocono and the rest of the area turned into little Brooklyn over the last 20 or so years. It used to be nice and clean/ peaceful for the most part.

  • Henry the 1/8th

    They’re from those same kind of quality folks that you see carrying armloads of groceries along 611. Only the ones I’m referring to don’t remove the carts from store property, they only obstruct traffic and dispense dirty looks.

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