Painting the Valley Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness

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SELINSGROVE--Store employees tend to change their window displays from time to time, but this month many of them have a similar theme--pink!

It's all part of a contest called "Paint the Valley Pink," sponsored by Evangelical Community Hospital and local radio station WQKX. More than 40 stores in Snyder, Northumberland, and Union Counties are taking part.

"We support breast cancer research and anything we can do in the town to make it look pink and beautiful, make women feel good as well," Rachel Dressler said.

Driving through Selinsgrove, it's hard to miss these colorful window displays. The staff at BJ's Steak and Rib House went all out.

"The manager's daughter came in and she painted the windows all by herself and drew them up for us. We've been getting all ready, getting all the streamers out to make it as pink as we could," Nikki Bingaman said.

The winner will get a free advertising package on WQKX.

Even so, the business owners we spoke with say it's not about winning. It's about showing their support for breast cancer research.

"I do it more for just the community," Helen Walter said.

Walter did an interactive display outside her store because a lot of people walk by.

"I thought it would be fun for them to just hang a ribbon on the board to honor someone who is a survivor, somebody who is fighting cancer currently or somebody perhaps that they've lost and would like to memorialize," Walter said.

People we spoke with say they enjoy looking at the window displays because many of them know someone affected by breast cancer.

"It raises awareness for the cancer cause and I'm big on that. We have a daughter who has a disability as well and we are all about awareness for that," Jamie Gentile said.

The winners of the contest will be announced next week.