Man Behind Northeast Fair, Joe Aliciene, Dies Monday

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PITTSTON TOWNSHIP -- Black bunting is draped over the Pittston Township Volunteer Fire Department. It's in memory of Joe Aliciene. He started volunteering as a fireman there in the 1950s and stuck with it for six decades, until his sudden death Monday.

“There's going to be a loss. He was here every day. He was here every evening. The older guys are going to miss him. The young guys got to know him,” said Allen Capozucca, who volunteered with him.

Aliciene was passionate about the department. About 45 years ago, he started what's now become the Northeast Fair. At first, it was a small carnival but has since grown into a big fundraiser for the fire department.

"Hopefully, it is going to be around, for his sake,” said Capozucca.

Aliciene's son, Joe Junior, works at the accounting business that his father opened in 1967 on Main Street near Pittston. He knows how much the fire department and the fair meant to his dad.

“He never did anything without thinking of the community first, especially when it came to that fair,” he said.

Friends and family hope he's remembered for his years of volunteerism and commitment to the Pittston area.

“The road to true inner happiness is volunteerism, and it's something I'll never forget and I'm sure my kids will never forget,” his son added.

Joe Aliciene died from complications after surgery. He was 73 years old. His viewing is scheduled for Thursday, from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. at the Baloga Funeral Home near Pittston.