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Hundreds of Students Attend Solidarity Rally at Bucknell University

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LEWISBURG -- Hundreds of students gathered on Bucknell University’s campus for a show of solidarity Tuesday night.

Students marched from the campus to Hufnagle Park in Lewisburg where music was played, several speakers were heard, and poetry was read.

The Solidarity Rally was organized 18 years ago after two Bucknell students were murdered. They were apparent victims of hate crimes.

Organizers tell us the goal of the rally is to comfort and support grieving communities dealing with violence, while also shedding light on good things happening in the world.

"We're just going to inspire people to look at the light inside of them, and see it in each other, basically that's it," said Cynthia Peltier, event organizer.

More than 850 students turned out for the solidarity rally.

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    You’d think these over-privileged children would have something more productive to do like, I don’t know working? That thing you do where you support yourself and not have to rely on your parents or government handouts. Kids these days are just like the illegals and welfare-queens and their brood, always looking for a hand out and not giving back. If this trend continues I see dark days ahead for this country. What a sad day that will be.

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