Emergency Bridge Repairs in Scranton Expected to Tangle Traffic

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SCRANTON -- PennDOT says a bridge in Scranton needs to be fixed before winter.

Starting next week, PennDOT will rush to repair a bridge in Scranton's Green Ridge section before the weather gets too cold.

It will mean drivers will only be able to go one way on the bridge.

This bridge is near a very busy intersection in the city -- Green Ridge Street and North Main Avenue.

PennDOT says crews will be able to fix the bridge while keeping one lane on the bridge open.

"It's either slow it down or put them in the river, I guess! One or the other!," said John Jones, Quality Used Furniture.

The news has business owners worried, but they understand the necessity.

The bridge crosses the Lackawanna River. PennDOT says the bridge's expansion joints need to be fixed before winter weather degrades them further.

Traffic will be down to one lane and in just one direction while the work is going on.

"So they can get in here, it's not that they can't. If they get to the bottom of the hill, they can turn over to Nay Aug Avenue and come up East Market Street and come down. There's a way they can get in if they decide," said Jones.

PennDOT says the bridge is just slightly too narrow to allow two lanes of traffic during the work, so for about six weeks, drivers can turn from North Main Avenue onto Green ridge Street but drivers on Green Ridge Street will have to take the detour.

It's tough for locksmith Martin Schubert who may have to take the detour, depending on the call.

"It will take a long time and there will be more traffic lights. It will be inconvenient for customers," said Schubert. "I think that this part here is going to be tricky because we have to go both ways when we're turning off and it's going to be difficult."

PennDOT says this bridge is on a list of bridges that needs to be replaced. That might happen in about five years. The emergency repairs buy time.


    • tomtom

      only in new york…using same crew that are NOT working on Rockwell to NOT work on green ridge.
      unions have to spend allocated money and come in over schedule or nothing next year.
      again…only in new york.

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