College Students Watch Vice Presidential Debate

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SCRANTON -- Some students in our area gathered to watch the vice presidential debate.

Young voters on both sides of the aisle organized a watch party at the University of Scranton.

"We're very excited, especially since these candidates are less well-known, so I think this is really going to tell us about who they are as people and where they stand as policymakers," said Sarah Laga, College Democrats.

"I think it's good to see the student body get in the political process. A lot of schools that I went to visit, the students are kind of oblivious to it. I think the U does a good job," said Tom Meehan, College Republicans.

Polls across the commonwealth show voters in Pennsylvania are favoring Clinton over Trump.

Poll analysis website shows Trump trailing Clinton by an average of about five points in Pennsylvania, with third-party candidate Gary Johnson claiming nearly seven percent of votes.

The site averages together various polls and demographic data to calculate vote share for each of the presidential candidates.


  • Real people

    Just younger SHEEPLE what a shame brain washed thinking there going to get free college like poor Bernie promised ya seen what Miss C did to him now just be SMART vote Trump 2016 and maybe you will have a job waiting when graduation arrives along with that BIG LOAN PAYMENT.

  • T. Boone

    2 for 2. debate moderator argues/interrupts the republican candidate multiple times. Did you hear the moderator scramble when that Hillary private server came up? any guess who the moderator sides with? Ha ! what a crock

  • Rusty

    Hmmmmmmmmm, watching a debate at a liberal indoctrination center…… you think these students have a chance?.

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