As Strike Looms, ESU Students Ask Questions At Special Forum

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EAST STROUDSBURG -- As a strike looms at 14 state system universities, including East Stroudsburg University, administrators spoke with students in a special question and answer forum Tuesday night.

Dozens of East Stroudsburg University students filled an auditorium on campus for the event.

"Makes me a little bit nervous because I don't want to be off track for my graduation, and I don't really know what to expect with all of it, like how long is it going last? Is it going to affect me as a student? Especially everyone else, I'm sure they're wondering the same thing,” said ESU student Julia Gleason.

More than 5,000 professors at the affected schools have been working with an expired contract for 16 months. They want a new one but haven't reached an agreement with state system officials.

The affected schools are Bloomsburg University, California University of Pennsylvania, Cheyney University, Clarion University, East Stroudsburg University, Edinboro University, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Kutztown University, Lock Haven University, Mansfield University, Millersville University, Shippensburg University, Slippery Rock University, and West Chester University.

If there's no agreement come October 19th, there will be a strike and students don't know what that will mean for them.

"It's kind of nerve-wracking because I don't know what it means for me as a student, you know? Because I'm a senior and I'm trying to graduate, so I don't know if that's going to delay anything,” said student Nandi Burton.

University President Dr. Marcia Welsh told students classes will continue if there's a strike because not all faculty members will go on strike.

She also said dining halls, residence halls, fitness centers, and libraries will remain open.

Some sporting events could be affected if coaches strike.

Faculty members on strike will not be paid or receive health benefits.

There are some questions administrators can't answer for certain, like how long a strike would last and how class time would be made up.

A last-minute bargaining session has been set for October 14, 15, and 16 and students Newswatch 16 spoke with say they hope an agreement is reached and a strike is averted.

"I'm paying them to work. I want to get my grades and graduate and do all my stuff, but if I can't do that, it'll be a problem. I hope they can get it figured out before then,” said student Aidan Brock.


  • Real people

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  • Bleepnoid

    Mommy and daddy need to pay more tuition to keep their babies in school. Imagine a strike and the kids have to go home, beer distributors could go out of business.

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