Pocono Dome Reopens under New Management

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HAMILTON TOWNSHIP -- A sports complex in the Poconos is back up and running just weeks after it abruptly closed.

The former owners of the Pocono Dome lost the place near Sciota after they couldn't keep up with taxes. Now, the dome is being run under new management.

It's been nearly a month since the gates of the Pocono Dome in Hamilton Township were locked.

"We worked very hard in the past few weeks to make sure that it opened and I think it is a great community place," said manager Hisham Sobhy.

According to tax records, the former owners of the Pocono Dome owed nearly $370,000 in property taxes.

In May, Monroe County sold the Pocono Dome at a judicial sale to Wayne Bank.

Hisham Sobhy runs Keystone Athletics which used the dome for training. Now he's the new manager.

"The dome will be rolling out programs and these programs will allow the kids to develop, or the kids to play various sports."

New managers at the dome tell us the only way this place is going to survive is with community support and getting people to use it will be the key to its success.

"One of the most important parts for a place like this is for it to be utilized," said Sobhy. "For it to be utilized, people need to use it, enjoy it, all neighboring clubs and sports organizations they need to come in here and see all the features and utilize it."

The dome is used for soccer training, martial arts training, weight training, and more.

"We are doing everything in our power to make the programs as close as possible to what we had previously and enhance it as much as we can."

The Pocono Dome will be open now through April.

After that, managers say they will evaluate how business was during those months and decide what will happen next.

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    Yawn, too bad this sports complex focuses on soccer, a game favored by euro-trash and illegal dope goons. I’d be much more favorable if they promoted sports actually played by real American men such as gridiron football or boxing.

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