Charges After Child Found Alone in Car at Bar in Honesdale

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HONESDALE -- A father cleared in the death of his baby earlier this year is in trouble again.

Keith Mullin of Honesdale is accused of leaving his 18-month-old son in a car while he went to a bar.

Troopers charged Keith Mullin with child endangerment on Monday after the young boy was found soaking wet inside a running vehicle parked outside a bar early Saturday morning.

When we stopped by Mullin's home on Ridge Street in Honesdale, his wife and three young sons were home.

A close family member wanted us to hide her identity but fears for the safety of the boys after investigators say Mullin left the toddler alone while he drank and argued with his wife for the better part of an hour.

"We don't want any harm done to the children. We want them to have healthy lives and that's not happening right now."

According to court papers, Mullin got to the bar on Main Street in Honesdale after midnight. His wife was already inside. Troopers say their 1-year-old boy was found in a vehicle parked outside, soaked from the rain because a window was left open.

Back in May, the couple's son Channing Mullin died after he was smothered by his father while they both slept. The boy wasn't even a month old. His death was ruled an accident.

Now, family members believe there's a clear pattern of problems putting the children at risk.

"It's very likely something bad could happen soon again. There's nothing to stop that at this moment."

The children's mother tells Newswatch 16 that Keith Mullin is a good father when he's not drinking. However, concerned family members want authorities to do something more than give custody to the boys' grandmother.

"How long does this have to go on before someone else has to get hurt before the kids are taken care of properly?"

Family members spoke with Newswatch 16 as Mullin was leaving the state police barracks and say this is all one big mistake.

“This is the first time this ever happened. They're grieving their other child that died. It’s just a big accident.”

The toddler is OK and was released into the grandparents’ care.


  • marie mcdonald

    Mother out in bar and Dad chasing after her… they both should be arrested..they should
    be home with their kids…one is bad as the other… disgusting…

    • G

      Its unfortunate that their son died, but this is reason why they have warnings about sleeping with infants. It DOES happen and more often than not.
      I didn’t read the child left in the car was injured, did you?? So, I don’t believe anyone was hurt.
      Statement says “taken care of properly”..last time I checked children and humans in general need 3 things. A roof over their head, food in their bellys and clothes on their backs. Are all these needs met?? If so, until you hand this couple the manual for “parenting after you lose an infant and still have children to take care of”, then shut up.
      The ones complaining are the ones that grew up riding in the back of pick up trucks, sleeping in a crib with lead paint, staying outside all day till the street lights came on, walked to school, sold fundraising items door to door alone…Just because its 2016 doesn’t mean this is any different than all those things.
      People need to realize they are just as bad in some areas of parenting. There is no manual, its a learn as you go job.
      Right now they are learning to grieve of their lose of a son and still take care of 3 boys, go to work, pay a mortgage or rent and all other daily jobs.

  • T

    Wayne County Children and youth can’t even put 2 and 2 together. They are worthless and an embarassment to the area. Use your heads people.

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