Parties Rally Support as Election Approaches

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WILKES-BARRE -- With a little more than a month to go before Election Day, both parties are taking every opportunity to rally support--or in some cases, tear down the other party.

Inside a packed campaign headquarters, feminist Gloria Steinem spoke with Hillary Clinton volunteers as Election Day quickly approaches.

"The voting booth is the one place on Earth where the most powerful and least powerful are equal, and it's so important to stand for workers’ rights as Hillary does and as Trump does not," Steinem said.

Clinton volunteer Karen Segal drives with her daughter from New York City just to make a difference in a battleground state. Hearing from Steinem inspires her to help get out the vote by making campaign calls.

"The way she puts things is a way that will help put people who are on the bubble actually think. So Gloria Steinem is a perfect pitchman for Hillary," Segal said.

While a dozen Trump supporters were outside Clinton's campaign office in Wilkes-Barre, others held a rally of their own up in Scranton.

Fresh off Trump's speech in Lancaster County, dozens of people gathered in Scranton for a miner's rally to help unite support and register voters.

"I think it's time for change and we need help. The country has gone in the wrong direction right now," said Nancy Meiser of Tamaqua.

Robert Kuniegel of Spring Brook Township held his grandfather's mining helmet. While he admits the mining business will never be what it once was, he still thinks with the help of Donald Trump and Mike Pence some of those jobs can come back.

"That would bring jobs back to this area for sure. Maybe not right in Scranton, but in the general area I think it would," Kuniegel said.

Both vice presidential candidates are set to debate on Tuesday at 9 p.m. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton face off again on October 9.